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To Hell and Back


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?Bipolar gone mad? represents negative or detrimental aspects that you cannot even imagine. The fact that I am still alive and now healthy is the reason why I awoke in my sleep on December 18, 2013. Something in my spirit directed me to write this testimony and story. I have no background in writing, I simply follow my spirit. The fact that I am still alive is a story needed to be told for the purpose of saving someone else from hardship, loss of family, loss of freedom, and possibly loss of their life. I am still here today and now I believe for this purpose that I must get this autobiography, non-fiction, mystery, thriller, self-help, educational, and religious conversion out to the public. With the hope of telling my story I will hopefully save a great deal of people by laying my life down on the pages of this book. I chose this title because of what the illness did to my life and family. I would not wish it on any human being. Once I got proper treatment for my condition, I was then able to step away from alcohol and street drugs, I had no need for them. The regiment of treatment suited me just fine; I was not too high and not too low. I was finally able to live a functional life. Whoever would have thought that I could return from the devastation that my family and I had gone through to get back into the business world? Anyone from my past would burst out laughing if someone told them that Michael Jackson is the president of a non-profit organization, and now author of a published book. I have dedicated myself to assisting at risk youth with a mission to decrease incarceration, elevation of basic morality, and prevention of premature death. This is my NPO?s mission. I also address mental illnesses when I am out doing presentations. I tell my whole life?s story, the good and the bad. The hand of destiny that was dealt to me is unimaginable; I could never believe it in a million years. We all are dealt the hand, but what you do with it is what counts. Had I sought the treatment initially when my family, the doctors at the VA Hospital, and all those around me that saw it destroying me cried out for, this could have all been avoided. Being untreated is one of the most dangerous situations you can be in. It will not get better; it will only get worse, just like anything else until you own up to it. Through this book people will see all things are possible, and remember you don?t have to be in the desert for 40 years like me. Through God all things are possible.

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